Othello, Iago., and Trump


Act 3 Scene 3

Iago: Ha! I like not that.

Othello: What dost thou say?

Iago: Nothing, my lord:or if—I know not what.

Othello: Was not that Cassio parted from my wife?

Iago: Cassio, my lord! No, sure I cannot think it that he would steal away so guilty-like, seeing you coming.

Othello: I do believe ’twas he.

In this brief scene Iago sets the ground that eventually causes Othello’s fatal jealous rage against his wife, Desdemona, that at the end of the play results in her murder by his hand.

Iago’s villainy seems groundless. At every turn, by reinterpreting perfectly sensible and innocent actions as sinister, he eventually destroys his target. After having killed his wife, Othello collapses and dies.

Iago embodies unanchored reason who regards evidence as his plaything. It is all the Fake News that he can shape to his own ends.

Eventually the facts catch up to him.

Trump’s inauguration crowd was smaller than Obama’s. There is no national emergency for lack of a Wall. Climate change is real and caused by human action and supported overwhelmingly by science. The children of the world, our kids, demonstrate. It’s their world, their future.

The evidence is catching up to our President Iago, who has told over 9,000 lies so far, and counting.Othello dies. Iago has killed him. Trump will lose the presidency in 2020. Iago is jailed.