Steven Fortney started life in Rogers, North Dakota and was born 2 January 1937 in Minneapolis Swedish Hospital. Raised in the Lutheran Church by a Chaplain and later Pastor father, in a military and ecclesiastical family that traveled extensively all over the United States in Army Posts, including childhood residences in Germany and Austria, immediately after WWII.

Military Service includes Civil Air Patrol, US Reserve Navy, Army ROTC; married, Ruth Ann Geyer, since 1960, has four children and nine grandchildren, and two great-children. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin in Classics and Philosophy 1959, attended Luther Theological Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota for the 1960-61 term. He was a newspaperman (adman, reporter, columnist and printer) for four years, 1961-64. He has been a member of the Westar Institute and the Jesus Seminar since 1995. He graduated from the School of Education at UW-Madison and certified as a secondary teacher in 1964 and taught high school for 31 years; has lived in Stoughton, Wisconsin since 1961. He was a union negotiator for 25 years and became an alderman on Stoughton City Council 1976-1997 and for six years served as the Chief Negotiator for the city, and was acting mayor twice. Took initiation in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition from the Dalai Lama in 1981 and again in 1986. Had his naming ceremony in the Zen tradition at Fukujuji Temple, with Priest and celebrated novelist Sokyu Hashimoto, in Miharu, Japan in 1992. Took early retirement in 1995 to devote full time to writing. He fishes and hunts and gardens and reads like mad. He has lived in Stoughton, Wisconsin on and off since 1955. Has published poems in the following magazines and anthologies and has been listed in A Directory of American Poets and Fiction Writers, since the 1989-90 Edition.


Numerous Poems 1977—, among them:

Hika Bay Review, Sheboygan, WI (May 77); Milk Weed Chronicle,Minneapolis, (Sp/Sum 82); The Pulpsmith, New York, Vol. 6, No. 2, Summer 1986; This Sporting Life, an anthology on sports and games, Milkweed Press, July, 1987. Second edition, 1998; Visions International, Black Buzzard Press, Arlington VA, two poems, Summer,1990, 1998; East West A Poetry Annual, Vol I, Cape Cod Writers, December 1992;Yahara Prairie Review, Winter, Summer, 1993; North Coast Review, Three poems, #3, 6, A Poetry Harbor Publication, Duluth MN, August, 1993,

1994.Wisconsin Poets Calendar, four poems 1996-2015; North Coast Review, A Poetry Harbor Publication, Duluth MN, Spring 1997; Capitol Skies, Madison Astronomical Society, August 1999; Norbert Blei’s Poetry Dispatch # 274, Garden, March 2009, #338 Hymn to my Hands, January 2011

Lake City Lights, an Online Poetry Anthology, Jerry McGinley, ed. eleven poems, October, 2012-214,
Lake City Lights, # 14, 2015 The Sun: How Like a Whale: http:// lakecitypoets.com/Issuefourteen.html

POETRY: Chapbook and Book


Pudding House Press, June 2001
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Heg, a novella, Waubesa Press, April 1998.
The Thomas Jesus, Waubesa Press, April, 2000
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The Maitreya, Waubesa Press, May, 2003
The Party, Waubesa Press, May 2004.
The Reunion, Waubesa Press, May 2005.
Ghosts Dancing, Cable Publications, February 2012The Cabin, Cable Publications, February 2014

Fiction: On Line

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Author House, Seeking Truth, Living with Doubt a book of essays on religion, art & science with Professor Marshall Onellion, June 2008