All the books listed on this web-page, the novels, the essays, and the poetry, serve one over-arching purpose: to contribute its share of the common language of the developing world view blending the standard model in physics, chemistry, and biology; with transcendentalist, eastern metaphysics, and Buddhist practice. The monisms of Art and Science are supported by the repeatable experiment and consensus observation of science; the enduring images of poetry and persisting event metaphors of fiction. Reason, logic, and careful observation of grounded and the disciplined expression of feeling are the basis for this modern world view.

A shocking outcome becomes evident: the necessity for our very survival by adopting both a rigorous and unchallenged ecological transformation of attitude and the rejection or radical modification of our current economic, social, political, and spiritual orthodoxies.

Troubling to most Americans is the necessity to displace our nation’s orthodox Christianity, Judaism, and Islam and its economic, social, and political ideologies, with a modest secularity, an eco-economy, a radical transcendentalism, Progressive Christianity, and neo-agnostic Buddhism.

America would need to reject all its religions including its secular ones. We would have to adopt this new science, art, and spirituality to survive.

These books of poetry, novels, and essays show how this may be done.

For my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren. And yours.

They are not safe yet.